FLOW AIR FILTERS designs and produces a complete range of air filters. With 30 years’ experience behind us, we’d like to put our resources to work for you.

Our filters are ideally suited to the most demanding applications in air treatment systems for laboratories and manufacturing units in the electronics, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our experience enables us to offer you excellent value for money. As a result, our filters are competitive throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia.

In order to supply you in the shortest possible time, we have a permanent stock of standard sizes compatible with all brands.

Last but not least, Flow Air Filters is able to meet all your non-standard requirements, thanks to its Design Office and manufacturing units.

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Flow air Filters


Flow Air Filters has been manufacturing a full range of air filters since 1981.

Until 1995, Flow Air Filters had concentrated on the HEPA & ULPA range for its main customers (laminar flow manufacturers and integrators).

Since 1995, the range has been extended to include HIGH and MEDIUM efficiency filters. Today, Flow Air Filters offers a complete range, from G2 roll air filters to U17 absolute filters and rigid bag filters.

The standard range is compatible with most brands.

Thanks to its structure and design office, Flow Air Filters is able to respond very quickly to any specific request.